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We will be developing this area as time permits.

If you have any technical tips to pass on to other members, or any questions you would like to post, then mail them to me! I will also pass them on to the editor for publication in the newsletter.

Question Reply
How do you prevent Healey Hubcaps falling off? 1. Clips going over the disc into the hole in the wheel, 3 per wheel - possible clips are Ford trim clips or small wiring loom clips.
2. Fit small screws through the edge of the centre cap into the disc, this will stop the centre undoing.

How do you avoid losing the oil filler cap?Drill a small hole through the center of the cap and feed a short length of bicycle brake inner cable through the hole from the inside, the original nipple on the cable will stop it pulling through [as long as your hole is the right size], then crimp an electrical ring terminal on the other end, [selecting a size that would fit on the timing chest studs]. Bolting it to the timing chest ensures the cap stays with you at all times.

How can I add rear indicators without cutting holes in the bodywork/ spoiling the original look?

Use Lucas (or similar) reversing lights, they can be mounted on the bumper or on brackets that curl under and fix to the boot floor, then fit orange bulbs.

Is there anything I can do to reduce heat build up at the back of the engine?A pipe can be added from the drain tap on the block (near the back, above the exhaust) to one of the radiator hoses in order to get some water flow through the block. We don't knoiw exactly where this should be connected to, as you don't want to push hot water into the block. If you have the answer, please let me know!

I've replaced the king pins and bushes, but there is still play. Chris Berens' Silverstone failed its MOT due to excessive movement on the kingpin. The trouble was in the wheel post itself. The eye in which the kingpin passes had gone oval causing the extra movement. So anyone who thinks they have a similar problem; before ordering new kingpins and bushes please check the wheel post.


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