Healey Sportsmobile

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Chassis No Latest Known Condition Reg No Notes
A1580 Running MUU 150 Originally built with a different body?
B1611? ?   This chassis went to Sam Morris, so it's possible that it was a Sportsmobile, but as far as I know there is no proof of this
B1663 ? HAC 439 Prototype July 1948
B1717 ?    
B1719 ?    
B1723 ? GVB 24  
B1727 ?    
B1731 ?    
B1736 ? KLH 500  
B1740 ?    
B1745 ?    
B1746 Running   USA
B1749 Exists    
B1750 Exists KYM 90 On Ebay October 2014, complete for restoration.
B1755 ?    
B1760 Running KXA 964 Good condition, Germany 2008
B1766 ?    
B1767 Scrapped KLY 48  
B1772 ?    
B1773 ?    
B1780 ?    
B1782 Scrapped KYN 301  
B1784 Exists NDE 950  
B1793 ?    
B1798 ?