Healey Specials

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Chassis No
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Latest Known Condition Reg No Notes
A1505 ?   Estate, HG Dobbs
A1508 ?   W Arnold, Manchester
A1509 ?   Jack Olding, London
A1512 ? FFY 285 Bambers
A1513 ?   HWM, Walton on Thames
A1514 ?   W Arnold, Manchester
A1516 ?   H Goodwin Ltd
A1517 ?   Pierre Nessi, Beutler body
A1518 ? MPA 5 HWM, Walton on Thames 2 seater
A1519 ?   Squire Motors Ltd
A1520 ?   HWM, Walton on Thames
A1521 ?   Loxhams Garage, EPPS body. Estate
A1522 ?   RIPCO
A1523 ? BCK 350 Loxhams Garage, EPPS body. Estate
A1524 ?   Western Motors
A1525 ?   D&A Bloomer
A1526 ?   Continental Cars Surrey
A1532 ?   Cornel & Phillips
A1533 ?   Pierre Nessi, Beutler body
A1534 ? 505 JWE Pierre Nessi, Beutler coupe body
A1535 ?   BM Stuttart
A1536 ?   HG Dobbs Estate
A1538 ?   Gedfrey Davis
A1539 ? EJB 498 Wilsons Autos
A1542 ?   Brayshaw Cars
A1544 Running CJR 3 H&G Robinson / Special Westland
A1545 ?   HWM
A1546 ?   Service Garage
A1547 Exists   HWM / Westland
A1548 ?   Pierre Nessi, Beutler body
A1550 ?   Pierre Nessi, Beutler body
A1551 ?   FH Peacock
A1553 ?   HG Dobbs Estate
A1554 ?   Squire Motors Ltd
A1555 ?   Continental Cars Surrey
A1556 ?   HWM
A1558 ?   HG Robinson Gosforth
A1560 Running SMG 288 E Haywood Roadster
A1562 ?   HWM
A1563 ?   Farringdon Eng
A1564 ?   Jack Olding London
A1566 ?   Jack Olding London
A1569 ?   HWM
A1572 ?   Langley Motors
A1573 Exists KYL 688 HG Dobbs Estate
A1574 ?   St Michaels Eng
A1576 ?   Grimalde Helm / Westland
A1577 ?   Ellingworth
A1578 ?   Farringdon Eng
A1582 ?   Arthur Pickford
A1586 ?   Charles Sydney & Co
A1588 ?   Charles Sydney & Co
B1592 ?   Pierre Nessi, Beutler coupe body
B1594 ?   Radlet & Parsons
B1602 ?   L Pater& Son
B1603 ?   Pierre Nessi, Pountout FHC Paris show car
B1605 ?   Charles Sydney & Co
B1609 ?   Supp to Jaguar, Belgium and fitted Vanden Plas FHC. Belgian show car
B1611 ?   This chassis went to Sam Morris, so it's possible that it was a Sportsmobile, but as far as I know there is no proof of this
B1614 ?   Langley Motors, Westland type body
B1627 ?   HG Robinson, Gosforth
B1628 ?   Charles Sydney & Co
B1629 ?   JM Engles Edinburgh
B1638 ?   Charles Sydney & Co
B1639 ?   Charles Sydney & Co
B1650 Being Restored   Estate
B1651 ?    
B1653 Restored FOW 178 Estate, HG Dobbs. Period photos show this reg. on another HGD estate, but reg. is now on this car.
B1659 ?   Drophead (LHD?)
B1662 ? DHS 600 Crowther Glasgow
B1668 ?   C Staney Bradford
B1669 ?   Charles Sidney & Co
B1684 ?   Estate H G Dobbs
B1692 Exists NLJ 747 Supplied to HWM Ltd Walton on Thames. Fastback Tickford body 
B1700 Exists CTK 571 Supplied to HWM Ltd Walton on Thames. Fastback Tickford body 
B1701 ?   Estate, HG Dobbs
B1739 ?   Estate, HG Dobbs
B1743 ?   Estate, HG Dobbs
B1756 ? FOW 431 Estate, HG Dobbs
B1763 ?   Reliance Motor Co
B1778 ?   Estate, HG Dobbs
B1781 ?   Estate, HG Dobbs
B1783 ?   Estate, HG Dobbs
B1785 ?   Estate, HG Dobbs
B1788 ?   Pierre Nessi, Pountout body
B1824 ?   Estate, HG Dobbs
B1904 ?