Listings and details of Healey Cars

I have added lists of all the models except Nash in order that members can check if the details are correct for their car, and any new information can be added to the archives. Even though this info is in the members area I won't put address details, before you ask!

My current project is to add a photo of each car (where possible). I'm working (slowly!) through the ones I already have when I've done this I'll be asking you to help fill in the gaps!

Thanks to Roger Crouch for the Alvis page, and Bernd Sgraja for the link to his Silverstone list.

Where the vehicle condition is listed, the conditions used are as below.

RunningOn the road, might be concours or very rough, but it runs.
ExistsMay be Running, Being Restored or Stored, no more detail is known.
Being RestoredRestoration work is underway.
StoredIs in safe storage, may be being restored, awaiting restoration, or just being stored.
ScrappedCut up, broken, destroyed - no longer exists
?Unknown; no information is available.