Healey 3 Litre Sports Convertible (Alvis Healey)

Chassis No
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Reg No Owner Last Address Last Known
G501 KWD 948 Known Holland 2004
G502 MXF 124 Known UK 2004
G503 MGU 1 Unknown UK 1981
G504 MOC 300 Unknown Holland 2003
G505 MXF 140 Unknown UK 1971
G506 PJH 274 Unknown UK 1970s
G507 MXM 983 Known UK 2004
G508   No Information    
G509 NLX 4Known UK 2004
G510   No Information    
G511 NOF 265 Believed Scrapped    
G512 NLO 941 Known UK 2004
G513   No Information    
G514 FF 8100 Unknown UK 1980
G515 NHY 715 Known UK 2004
G516 Unknown For Sale 2004 Australia2004
G517 1293 E Known UK2004
G518 NXR 829 Unknown Norway 1970s
G519   No Information USA 1970s
G520 309 TOD Known UK 2004
G521 OXW 685 Known UK 2004
G522 OLN 603 Known UK 2004
G523 NVU 696 Known Sweden 2004
G524 YKT 378B Known Germany 2004
G525 NWD 981 Known UK 2004
G526   No Information    
G527   No Information    
G528 PUE 440 Unknown UK 1997

Known details of the 28 cars produced are shown here, and at least 2 more are believed to be in existence.
12 owners have been contacted, and any further information and detail would be most welcome.

The point of contact for this page and for the Sports Convertible marque is Roger Crouch 01935 863061.